Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Brooke - Wednesday, 10:00 pm

There's no update on the tracheotomy, because it didn't happen. He was continually bumped as more emergent cases came in ahead of him. They consider this an 'add on' surgery, so he's just not first in line. They have told us that they are requesting 'first thing' tomorrow (9 am), but we all know that's not something we can rely on. Brooke is incredibly eager (and quite anxious) to have this surgery and is extremely frustrated that it didn't happen today (he was continually looking at the clock all day and wondering about the delay). We continue to find comfort in his eyes and face and know that his mind his still all there. AND, today there was some small movement in his feet, although it's still too early to give a longer prognosis because the spinal cord is still swollen.

For those of you in the SLC area, he welcomes visitors but can only handle 3 or 4 a day while he is still in the ICU. It's quite exhausting for him because he wants to communicate and connect on some level and it takes all his energy to do that. The ICU has also requested that you be joined by a family member when visiting so that we can provide some level of consistency. All that to say, feel free to stop by the hospital, just know that you might not get to see him right then. Visiting will be easier when he's moved to an intermediate facility - of course we will update you when that happens.


Peter and Judith von Sivers said...

Dear Brooke and Peggy,
What a dreadful shock for all of us who love you so much. But if anyone can come through this ordeal with spirit and determination intact it is you, Brooke. We have been praying for you both and you are constantly in our thoughts. We still remember the inspiration you gave Peter after his prostate surgery when the two of you went for a long walk in a bitter winter inversion and talked philosophy and history until your noses were red. Let us know when we can share this inspiration again. So much love from us both, Peter & Judith

Lee Siegel said...

Dear Brooke and Peggy,

We are thinking of and worrying about you, and taking heart from Sara's reports that Brooke can move his feet a bit and shrug his shoulders.

Keep fighting -- and get better!

Lee and Shannon Siegel

Liz Hartman said...
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Susan Wurtzburg said...

Dear Brooke & Peggy,
We are thinking of you both & all your family. Sending very positive thoughts your way,
Sue & Lyle

Ron Barness said...

Dear Brooke... I have been very busy bringing Snow Lion to a close, but will visit very soon. Hang in there Brooke. You have broad shoulders and I am glad to hear they are moving. With much love. Ron

Beverly said...

Dear Peggy,

I was so saddened to learn of Brooke's accident and injuries. He is very lucky to have such good medical care and strong, loving family and friends to support him.

If any family members would like a soul-nourishing musical break this weekend, please contact me at 869-9092 and I'll see that you have tickets for Friday or Saturday's Symphony concerts.

And, if strolling accordion music would be helpful, let me know. It's always a bit hokey, but usually brings about smiles.

Please give Brooke a hug from me and my best wishes as he works his way through the healing.

- Beverly

Barbara nd Robin said...

To you , Brooke, and Peggy, We send our love and empathy.
Barbara and Robin