Sunday, November 23, 2008

Brooke - Sunday, 10:00 pm

There's no significant change to report from today. Brooke is still in the SICU and will remain there for at least a few more days, until his lungs are healthier (he still has a bit of lingering pneumonia). He feels comfortable and safe there, so that's the best place for him right now. We are thankful that although progress is very slow, it seems to be moving in the right direction. We are aware that could easily change, so we're just thankful for the small victories.

Peggy and the rest of the family have been overwhelmed with all the love expressed through the huge amounts of food. Thank you for nourishing us and making it possible to avoid the hospital cafeteria!


Nancy and Elliott Randolph said...

Many thanks to Sara and Greg Pearson for setting up a blog that will track Brooke's progress. Tell him that all of his sandbox friends from Baltimore are pulling for him. With much love from both of us. Nancy and Elliott.
PS...and tell him that my son and I climbed Mt. Washington last July, 52 years after Brooke and I climbed it on the Long Walk in 1956. Tell him, too, it's much higher now and there are many more steep rocks at the top.

Anonymous said...

I hope that Brooke and Peggy know how strong the support in their community is and how much love is pouring forth for them. My prayers will be with you both.

Sara & Greg Pearson said...

A note from Peach Lake...

I am writing to let you know that yesterday evening Sally told us about Brooke’s terrible accident. We are all thinking of you and wish we knew what to do - it is all so difficult to comprehend. Just remember we love you and Brooke and will support you in whatever ways we can. Please let us know how we can help you. Sally also said that your children are with you, or will be soon and it's comforting to know that they will be with you. Our love, thoughts, and prayers are with you and Brooke. We will be in touch.

Much love from all of us,

Rain & Norm, Sunny & Joe, Bud and Patrice, Will and Patti, and Mom & Jerry

Anonymous said...

Dear Brooke, Peggy, Sara,

I just learned of all this . . . I'm at my office now and just got out of class. It sounds like things are moving along positively. Of course I would like to come visit, but will wait till Brooke feels better.

I rode that Canyon many hundreds of times with Brooke and Mark, and even though I haven't been back to SLC for a long time I still remember almost every twist and turn.

Please tell Brooke I love him, though I am sure he knows that well enough, and also that his teaching changed my life and made me, more or less, whatever I turned out to be. I was really thrilled by his recent visit here, esp. that he got to meet and play with my daughter, Sophia. I'll keep reading this blog, and we'll all keep our fingers crossed.

michael white