Monday, November 24, 2008

Brooke - Monday, 9:00pm

Brooke is still in the ICU and had another exhausting day. Although he very much appreciates the visitors, he's not getting the sleep he needs to be able to heal. Both he and mom have a hard time saying no when people come by (because he does WANT to see you), so we're going to have to say it for him.

We're asking that you please refrain from visiting him in the next few days. He really, really needs to rest and sleep so he can stabilize and get out of the ICU. Please don't take our request personally - it's strictly a medical/sleep issue.

Please continue to post comments to the blog, as we read those to him and he enjoys each and every one.

We'll let you know when he feels stronger and ready for visitors again. Thanks so much.


Scott said...

Dear Brooke and Peggy,

Robyn joins me in sending our highest hopes and warm friendship. We deeply respect and admire you and hold you close in our thoughts through this difficult time.

Scott Matheson

SandyH said...

Dear Brooke and Peggy,
We wanted you to know that you are constantly in our thoughts even though we are so far away. I am finally working on a scrapbook of our Mexico trip and we're all enjoying the pictures of you both, and of course the wonderful memories. They help us smile during this tough time. Hopefully they do the same for you. We wish Brooke a speedy recovery. And we're sending you lots of love and hugs across the miles. Thanks for the updates, Sarah!
All our love,
Sandy, Bill, Kendall, Will and Jack

Mary-Jane said...

Dear "Booker" and Peggy,

Our best thoughts and wishes are with you. Thanks to Sarah (and family) for keeping us informed. Booker, Sam has been following your progress and seems to be equally worried about your bike. He said that when you feel better, he'll help you tune it up because "a guy's gotta have his wheels." (9 year olds have interesting priorities, eh?) In the mean time, Peggy, let me know if I can do anything. I'd love to be helpful. If you need the kitchen tidied, dishes washed and returned to people, an errand, whatever, just let me know.

With much love,

Sam and Mary-Jane Forbyn-West

(Yes, double hyphens. Bill and I ran off to the courthouse and tied the knot last week.)

mhoenig said...

Dear Brooke and Peggy. The civil liberties community is anxiously following Brooke's progress. We wish you a speedy recovery. Please know our thoughts are with you.

Marc Hoenig

Steve said...

Dear Brooke, I wish I could be near you to give you some encouragement. I am so sorry about this terrible accident. You have shown such courage, and I am heartened by the reports I have read on your blog. Much love to you, and to Peggy. Love, Steve

kay said...

Brooke and Peggy--
I have the Healing Buddha mojo going as much as possible. You are both in my thoughts.

Brooke--I am making a rowing date with you for a year from now, weather permitting. No other excuses are acceptable. In your honor, I'll try reading the Herman Melville book mentioned in the Trib. Never heard of it, but I am sure you can cure me of my functional ignorance.

Peggy-- I will contact you after Thanksgiving to see how you are.

My best to you both. Kay

Charles Berger said...

Dear Brooke and Peggy and Sara,

We have been following all the news and the blogs--thanks so much, Sara--since we first got news of your accident, Brooke. And we have been sharing this news with your wide network of friends. Brooke, our hearts and thoughts are with you as you fight this. Mary and I have such deep memories of great times and great conversations with you and Peggy. These conversations have never stopped running in our minds and we look forward to renewing them. Please know that we are constantly thinking of you.

Charles and Mary

Barbara nd Robin said...

Hallo , Brooke, Peggy and all the rest of you wonderfull people out there passing the energy along. We had the wonderful expirience of hosting Sara with us at our school , then in Berlin Germany. It was an eventfull year .We have known Brooke and Peggy since we were in thw States years ago. Have been overseas for over 28 or so years. We have been visited by both Brooke and Peggy here in France where we now live and are constently sending Viber Brookes way. Love from us always but a special sending at this time.
Robin and Barbara