Thursday, November 20, 2008

Brooke - Thursday, noon

We are still waiting for an OR so Brooke can get the tracheotomy, but they have 'promised' he will get it today. The neck surgeon checked on Brooke this morning and asked him to move his foot. HE DID!!!!! Of course we have to be VERY guarded/realistic about what this means, but I know that it brought me great joy to hear/see that. And the surgeon's comment? AWESOME. The road ahead is still incredibly bumpy and long, but at least it's a little glimmer of hope to hold on to.


Nancy Hopkins said...

I was ecstatic about the shoulders.
I am in tears (of joy) over the FOOT!
Bravo foot!!

Go Brooke!!!

Much love,

sandman said...

I am a member of the Osher Institute Curriculum Committee and was Brooke's class assistant in his Osher Shakespeare class last spring. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and the follow-up trip to the Shakespeare festival. Brooke is a great guy and great teacher.
All the best, Brooke, and get well soon.

John Sanders

Alice said...

Sara and all,
I know the tremendous joy that such small triumphs can bring from when my dad had a stroke and was (as it proved) temporarily unable to move. The foot movement is a great sign! Caution of course is wise, but indeed hold on to these moments which give hope. Thinking so much of all of you and cheering on Brooke in his recovery.
much love,
Alice Mulder

Emily Smith said...

Dear Sara, Peggy,
Thank you for these postings. It's comforting for all of us who care but don't want to intrude. I can't number all the ways Brooke has touched my life. Healing does take so much energy, but I've never known a more kinetic and energetic person, so I have no doubt more and more movement and recovery is inevitable. I'm sending you all metta, good wishes. I'm sure the tracheotomy will be a relief for you all.

Emily Smith

redbird1954 said...

Brookie - if you can get the other foot to wiggle, we promise to fly your cousin Liz out there to sing a chorus of Dem Bones. Her dulcet tones (NOT!) are sure to stimulate some reaction. Lots of love from New York Constable Cousins, Bobby & Posie.

MY STORY said...

Yes, tears of joy abound. What a wonderful report. Brooke is just amazing We send you lots of love and healing thoughts. We hope your surgery happens soon. Keep up the terrific progress, stay strong.

We will visit soon.
Big hug,
Louis and Jody

Tom Huckin said...

From small movements come the greatest strides -- and if there's ever a "strider" among us, it's you, Brooke!

And with the tracheotomy, you'll be able to speak, too (I presume and hope).

What a day!! GO BROOKE!!!

Jackie said...

Hi, Sara. Thank you for this blog. I'm a bioethics colleague and former student of Peggy's. Peggy and Brooke, I'm sorry you have to experience this episode of life. My thoughts and my prayers are with you. May you heal with speed. As I nurse, I know that being able to move your foot on command is very significant. Wow, sounds good to me. You are surrounded by a community of love and concern.
-Jackie Solon

Claudia Hackworth said...

I am one of probably countless people who know you both, just a little bit from travels and mutual friends, and was terribly upset by the news of the accident. I've wanted to be in touch but not intrude.
All this news posted here is wonderful, and know that there are SO many people out there thinking of you and wishing you both the very best as you work towards this wonderful recovery. And yes, Bravo foot!!
Best wishes and prayers,
Claudia & Tim Hackworth

Ron Mallon said...

Johnelle and I are thinking about you every day, Brooke and Peggy, and we are wishing the very best recovery possible for Brooke.

Also, thanks so much for these updates.