Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Brooke - Tuesday, 11/18 - 10:00 AM

Brooke is still in the Surgical ICU. He is currently fighting some complications in his lungs, fluid build up etc and a fever. He is on a ventilator and groggy from the various drugs, but fully aware and as communicative as can be expected through lip reading, nods and a letter board. Once his lung problems are solved the doctors hope to go ahead and install a trach and remove the mouth tube. The doctors and nurses are doing their best. Yesterday he did indicate that he could feel the nurses touch tests on his hands and feet, we are guardedly hopeful about this. The doctors and staff at the hospital have been wonderful.


Richard Preiss said...

Thanks for doing this, Sara. The entire English Department is sick about what's happened, and we really appreciate having some way of getting updates on Brooke's condition. Please tell Brooke and Peggy that they're constantly in our thoughts; we know that if anyone is vigorous and courageous enough to battle back from this, it's him. I hope the time comes soon when visits will be permissible. Best wishes for a speedy -- and full -- recovery.
-Richard Preiss and Jessica Straley

Anya said...

Dear Sara, Thank you for passing this on to all of us in the Philosophy Department. I know we've all been very concerned to hear about Brooke, and it's wonderful to hear that he's fighting on and is surrounding by loving family and friends. Please convey that he is in our thoughts. Very best wishes for a healthy new day! Anya Plutynski & Ben Fulton

T.R. Hummer said...

Hi: when you get a chance, will you please give Brooke my love? He was a teacher of GREAT importance to me when I was doing my PhD at U. of U., and it breaks my heart that this has happened. Get well, Brooke: many of us out here love you.

Terry Hummer

jay said...

Please tell Brooke that following him, his long stride, and his tree-like limbs through a long canyon near your place in Torrey is one of the things about Utah that I already hold dear. My prayers are with both of you!

Nik said...

Dear Brooke and Peggy,
Thanks for starting this blog. I can only imagine the ordeal you're going through. I hope you're out of the hospital soon. I'm thinking of you.
(Nicole Walker)

Scott Cairns said...

Please give Brooke my love, and Marcia's. You all have our prayers as well, now and ever. Looking forward to the day we can hike the Wasatch foothills together again.

Edward Byrne said...

Just last week I was at a dinner with colleagues and reminiscing about a great evening I once had twenty years ago talking and laughing with Brooke at a party, discussing literature, writing, life, and the importance to blend the three.

I'm sure Brooke wouldn't recall, but it meant much to me as a grad student getting his PhD at the time. What he advised still matters today, and that evening remains as vivid as ever.

My best wishes for a quick and complete recovery.

--Ed Byrne

Marty said...

Thanks for doing this site. Please pass along my good wishes and hopes for quick recovery to Brooke. I was a grad student in the early 90's and learned so much in his class on The Prelude.

Marty Williams
Valdosta State U.

Patricia said...

Peggy and Brooke,

You know that our thoughts are with you, but it never hurts to say it out loud. As soon as visitors are allowed, we'll be there. Sara, thank you for doing this. Elizabeth asks us to send all of you her love. The UK is in your corner.

Pat Hanna and Dudley Irish

Tom Huckin said...

Great idea, Sara & Greg! I've been getting MANY inquiries about Brooke from concerned friends & colleagues who want to visit him but don't want to intrude. I do my best to fill them in, but this blog is so much more up-to-date. Many thanks!

Dr. Lou's Blog said...

Fabulous and necessary idea. The morning after we heard about the accident both of us awoke at the same time thinking about him. That degree of synchronicity is rare.


Louis and Jody

Kendra B said...

Thanks for doing this Aunt Sara!

Jeff said...

Thanks to Tom for sending us the link. Thanks to Sara for doing the blog. Brooke and Peggy: Buddy and I went for a hike for you tonight just at sunset. The hills were missing you. Much love, Liz and Dave

Jennifer said...

Sara, Thank you for setting this up. Brooke and Peggy have been on my mind since last night when I learned of the accident, and I appreciate having a way to get more information about Brooke's condition. Brooke was my Honors thesis advisor what seems like a lifetime ago, and remains a larger than life figure in my consciousness. I'd love to visit and read poetry when that makes sense. You are all in my thoughts. Please give Peggy a hug for me.

-Jennifer Gully

Ada Mae said...

Hi Brooke and Peggy,

I walked past your house the other day and thought of all the wonderful times that we have spent together here in Salt Lake and in Torrey. We we will be coming to visit when you are feeling a little stronger.

With much love,

Ada Mae, Irvin, Sarah, Leah and Carlos