Friday, November 21, 2008

Brooke - Friday 10pm

I'm with Brooke right now and I asked him if there was anything he wanted to say on the blog. He said, "tell them I love them."


Ron Barness said...

Tell Brooke it is mutual! (tears)

Sarah S. said...

Yes, tell Brooke we love him, too! I'm an old student/friend of Brooke's, and although our paths haven't crossed in a while, he remains one of my all time favorite people in the world, and I can't imagine it without him!

Thank you for this blog. You have all been on my mind often since I heard the news, and it is a blessing be able to stay updated without intruding.

Brooke - thinking of you and rooting for you every day,

-Sarah Stein

PS: My family (Ada Mae & Irvin-old friends & Torrey neighbors of Brooke & Peggy) also send their best wishes!

sustainableElaine said...

we love you too!!! and are sending our greetings from the Air France lounge in Paris waiting to board for Vienna. We are holding you (et al) in the light while we travel. Elaine and Phil Emmi

Stacey Katz said...

Sara, please tell your dad that all his colleagues at the U are thinking of him and and sending him much love and our very best wishes as he recovers.

Tim Smeeding said...

HI Brooke and Peggy :

Hang in there--our prayers are with you

Tim Smeeding, a blast from the past

Chris Horner said...

It was great to visit with Brooke and Peggy last night (Friday). We were both struck by Brooke's spirit and energy, his eagerness to communicate and his interest in what is going on out there in the world right now. We send both of you our love. Ellie and Chris

Anonymous said...

Love from all the Gestelands too!!!!!

Troy & Anneliese Booher said...

Let us know how we can help. We are only a few blocks away and want to help two of our favorite people however we can. Keep getting better.

Shelley said...

We love you too, Brooke. Know that. And I have a huge online community wishing you good health and lighting candles--you're not alone. Fran├žois sends his best.


Liz von Kessler said...

Tell Brooke to think funny old memories. Like sitting at the Corner Cuboard with all the Cosntable's having breakfest and staying at the Winter Inn.
Christmas Dinner with Buster and Rivers Chambers at Llewlyn. Getting lollipops from Pops Whedbee for being good.
Tell Brooke that all of Abu Dhabi knew about him and was praying to Allah for him. Cousin Liz

Patricia said...

It's so good to hear about the progress. We love you both; you are always in our thoughts.

Pat and Dudley

Rachel said...

It's wonderful to hear Brooke is communicating more freely with the trach. I'm a student from a long time ago and was devastated to hear about this accident. I remember Brooke's classes (from the '80s!) on Shakespeare and Wordsworth as the most lively, exciting ones of my days at the U. His passion for literature and life--the two inextricably combined--inspired me to become an English major in the first place.

Brooke, it saddens me greatly to hear that you and your family are struggling so much right now, but I hope that it's some comfort to know that there are TONS of former students like me out here thinking of you constantly, praying for you, and sending you our best wishes.

Thank you to Sarah for keeping us all informed in such a thoughtful manner.

Thank you to Peggy for everything you're doing to support Brooke.

Brooke--Good job on transitioning to the trach and wiggling the foot! We celebrate each victory! We love you!

Rachel Borup

Barbara nd Robin said...

Hi Peggy, as said before our thoughts and wishes are with you all the time.. How are you holding up ??
Robin is sending his healing vibrations to Brooke and has him always in his thoughts. Love from both of us here in France.