Saturday, November 22, 2008

Brooke - Saturday, 10:00 pm

Brooke had a rough night last night, but ended up having a good day despite being very tired. He is almost weaned off the dopamine and his body has been working hard to keep his blood pressure up. The therapists have given him a 'sip and puff' straw which allows him to either call the nurse (sip) or, get this, control the tv by puffing. Apparently he's been somewhat of a closet football fan, because he was eagerly awaiting the Utah/BYU game today. When I asked him when the last time he watched a football game was, he said he watched this same match-up three years ago. Who knew?!? He was quite engrossed with the game and it gave him something else to focus on for a few hours.

I am back in Seattle so the blog postings may become less frequent. Ideally I will post an update everyday, but please forgive me if I miss a day or two. Thanks again for everyone's support.


ELG said...

From Erich Graf, flutist, Utah Symphony. I have many fond memories of lovely parties at Brooke and Peggy's house some years ago. I am thinking of Brooke as I play my flute and praying for his recovery.

Paul said...

Dear Brooke: as a fellow world traveler, I've often thought of you lately. I'm currently in Nepal for the first time and with your exotic trekking interests, I'm assuming that you beat me here by at least a couple of years. Today while visiting the ancient Bhoudanat Stupa in Kathmandu, I spun a prayer wheel and lit a candle to send you some positive Hindu vibes -- its the kind of thing we Unitarians often do! I won't return to SLC until just before Christmas but plan to visit you during the holidays. Love and warm regards to you and Peggy, Paul

Nancy Hopkins said...

I am so grateful for these updates.
Thank you for every one of them.

Much love to Brooke and Peggy.


Pfeifferhorn said...

Sondra and I are following Brooke's progress and are hopeful in light of the latest developments. You're in our thoughts and prayers. We have so many fond memories of our good times together. Just yesterday we were reliving our trip to Lava Hot Springs after a Thanksgiving together and how we surprised Peggy in bed on her birthday. Our kids join us in sending our love.
Geoff and Sondra Aggeler

Liz von Kessler said...

Thank you Sarah for your wonderful updates - they make a huge difference to those of us who are out here routing for both Brooke and worried about Peggy, Lisa, and you.

Hilles Whedbee said...

Thank you so much for these updates, for those of us here in Maryland, it's our way of feeling somehow connected. We send tight hugs to you, Peggy, and Lisa and strong healing vibes....

edranney said...

Brooke and Peggy: I have just heard about the accident from Vicky Roundtree's thoughtful call to Melanie, and am grateful to be able to follow developments on the blog. We send you both all our love, thinking of you constantly and hoping for good recovery. Please let us know if there is anything we can do from afar, (contacting others?), and if a quick visit from me would be appreciated before Christmas.
My brother George, who is with me just now, also sends love and best
Ed Ranney

Helen said...

Brooke and Peggy,
I just learned about your accident from Meg Brady, since I now live in Hawaii. Yes, Brooke, I made it back to my homeland. I'm now Chancellor of Kaua'i Community College and love living in a small community focused on becoming sustainable. My thoughts and prayers are with both of you!!! And thanks, bloggers, for the updates.
Helen Cox

Ruth said...

Brooke and Peggy, Just know that there are so many people out there holding you in their thoughts and prayers. Ron and Ruth Smelser

Jill Zender said...

Dear Brooke,

Everyone in our family is keeping you and Peggy in our thoughts and prayers, fueled by so many wonderful memories of our times spent with both of you.

Many thanks to Sara for all of her updates, especially for the wonderful news regarding your recovery, and much love to you and to everyone in your family.


Jill (Aggeler) Zender

Gail Sanders said...

Dear Brooke, My thoughts have been with you throughout the week, and I am thankful for these updates. For me, teaching in your writing program was an honor, and being your student was my good fortune. My energy is on your recovery. Best regards, Gail Sanders

Penny said...

Sarah, thank you for maintaining this space. If there is anything needed, I hope that too can get posted. While we don't want to be intrusive, we are more than willing to help where needed.
Brooke and Peggy, our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you. Brooke's vitality and huge personality seem vibrantly in place, and that is hopeful.
Ken and Penny Jameson

Gene F said...

Brooke -Peggy,
We are off to Torrey tomorrow with Erin, Drew and granddaughters. Adrienne and Andrew will meet us there, and Sally Morrow and daughters will also be there. Unfortunately, Frank has to work, but will come down on Friday (the day we leave since our family needs to be back in Kansas city on Saturday. We will definitely be thinking of you guys and all the Thanksgivings past that we have spent together. And We look forward to having them again in the future. Love to you both,
Gene F.

jjball said...

Since we can do very little for Brooke except pray for his recovery, there is a move to support Peggy in any way we can. Would you like to sign up to bring a meal occasionally or schedule a visit with Brooke when he is feeling better? A coordinated effort seems in order,so if you are interested please contact Sylvia Gray at 532 3486 or