Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Brooke - Quick update

Once again, thank you all for your incredible loyalty to the Blog and Brooke's condition. I am amazed (but not surprised) at what a following Brooke has!

Just a few updates today. Brooke had a 'filter' put in to prevent any blood clots, which is another anxiety relieving step for everyone. Although not a pleasant procedure, he's happy to have yet one more preventative measure in place.

And here's an amusing story - anyone who knows my brother, Mike, knows that he has connections everywhere. So it's no shock that he ran into a medical supply rep that he knows from long ago in the hospital elevator (never mind that neither of them are from Utah!). Mike mentioned that Brooke's bed was too small, and guess what, a new one came today! A big, LONG, bright red one. Brooke is quite pleased with it and doesn't have to worry about his feet hanging off the edge. Another small victory!

The rest has been very good for him, but he's been missing his visitors. He'll probably be ready to see some of you in the next few days.

Brooke sends his love to everyone for the Thanksgiving holiday and I'll speak for him when I say that he, and our entire family, gives thanks to each and every one of you for caring so much and showing your love in so many various ways.

I know where my thoughts will be tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving.


David Dick said...

I'm embarrassed how long it took me to find this blog. My mother learned about it when she spoke with Peggy's sister a few days ago, and Mom is reasonably sure that blogs are the sorts of thing you can get on the internet, so it took a bit of tracking it down on my end.

I'm so happy to read about the little victories along the way, this blog is such a great way for all of us who love Brooke to channel our concern and incessant curiosity. Thank you, Sara and Greg for setting it up. Before I found it, I was reading whatever papers by Brooke that I could find in the Michigan Library, just to have some sort of contact.

I hope these messages are still trickling their way to Brooke so he'll eventually know that my mother, my partner, Alyssa, and I are all constantly thinking about him. We're all gathering in Ann Arbor tomorrow, and we're sending our love from there.

Peggy, you're also in my thoughts, since I know all too well what it's like to log those hours in the ICU waiting rooms. I take some comfort in that fierce, athletic heart of Brooke's, and I want you to know that I love you.

To the pair of you, I want you to know you're the best couple I've ever encountered, and it was always a pleasure to be in your company. I look very much forward to being in that company again when I'm back in Salt Lake.

I'll keep an eye on the blog, and let you know the next time I'm near.

-David Dick

Jeff and Paula Botkin said...

Dear Brooke and Peggy -- We are thinking about you each day. Ben and Connor send their love too. We have such fond memories of our times together in Torrey -- you were instrumental in introducing our family to that spectacular country.

What a wonderful circle of friends and family you have to help you through these challenges. Thanks to Sara and Greg for creating this opportunity to stay close.

Jeff and Paula Botkin

Tom Stillinger said...

Brooke & Peggy--

We're slow to post--tried to yesterday and computer ate it!--but the blog is always on our screens and YOU are always on our minds. Brooke, we'll see you soon.

Sara, thanks so much for doing the blog--it's been a lifeline.

Much love--Tom & Disa

Stacey Katz said...

Dear Peggy and Brooke,
Thinking of you today (and every day) and sending you all my best wishes.

Angela said...

Dear Brooke and Peggy,

Matt and I have been following every posting and want to join in the chorus urging on your recovery.

I wanted to say, Brooke, that since your retirement my little corner of the English Department has been much duller, without your cheery voice filling the hallway as you greet that constant stream of students. We are thinking of you every day and channeling in your direction some of that good cheer you have shared with so many.

Love, Angela and Matt

herta_teitelbaum said...

Hi Brooke and Peggy: I just returned from a 3 week trip to India and learned about Brooke’s accident; I am so sorry, but also glad that Brooke has the full support of family, friends, and the medical community. Brooke, I wish you from all my heart a full and speedy recovery. Life is full of unexpected and strange happenings, and as we get older we begin to appreciate every day of our existence so much more than when we were young. Here is a case in point - a week ago I stayed for 2 nights at the Oberoi hotel in Mumbai that was attacked yesterday by the terrorists; there is no way to predict what might befall us. Take care and good luck - Herta

青青 said...

Brooke and Peggy:

Hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving together at the hospital, but I am sure you are missing your big Thanksgiving Dinner in Torrey with friends as much as they are. We drove to Sandra and Russ's home in the snow last night with our two new Chinese "scholars in residence" Qing-qing and Jing to show them Capitol Reef . Unfortunately, we can't see the landscape because of the snow and fog. Should clear tomorrow, so you are not missing much here this Thanksgiving. We finally found the web-site blog.

My immediate comment to Peggy when she emailed on Saturday morning canceling our dinner at your house the Monday was "How horrible, and of course, cancel dinner". Glad to hear you are recovering, are in good spirits, and are getting some feeling back. That is very promising and we have high hopes for a complete recovery in time.

Herta's comments were excellent about how we have to appreciate each day we have together with family and friends as you just never know that the next day brings. I predict you will be back down here in Torrey next Thanksgiving with lots to be
thankful for.

I am not a Google registered user so we are sending our love through Qing-Qing's account.

Karol Kumpfer and Henry Whiteside

青青 said...

Dear Brooke and Peggy,
I wanted to let you know that people down here in Torrey/Teasdale are thinking of you and were so concerned when they learned from me what had happened. Owen Olpin will be up in Salt Lake in December and will come by.
It is a nice snowy day down here, which sort of rules out a pre-dinner hike. Maybe tomorrow will be better. I can't hike yet because of the kneel, but it is getting better, slowly.
We send love to both of you, and will think of you often. Sandra and Russell

Charles Berger said...

Dear Brooke and Peggy,

Mary and I were reminiscing about some of the great Thanksgivings we had in Salt Lake and the two of you were such a big part of those occasions. We will be thinking intensely of you during our meal today, as we have been since your accident.

Charles and Mary

Kathi C said...

Dear Brooke,
Years ago, Gale was describing to me a very long and difficult hike that you and he had gone on. After much detail about the unrelenting challenges of the day, he concluded with, " Brooke is indefatigable!". It's such a great word and Gale pronounced it with such zest (and a touch of envy) that I have forever after thought of it whenever I've heard your name.
My heart broke when we heard of your accident, but I'm confident that your indefatigablity will hold you in good stead in your recovery. Reading Peggy's blog made me see that you are indefatigable in spirit as well as body.
You are our hero and role model and we will raise a glass in your honor at our Thanksgiving dinner today. Indubitably!
Kathi and Sam Cohen

Steve said...

Brooke (Thanksgiving, 3:00 pm EST), Lisa reassured me last night that the pacemaker has stabilized your heartbeat and likewise that the anti-clot procedure was very reassuring and beneficial, although painful and unpleasant for you. Best Wishes, Steve

Steve Trimble said...

A few years ago, Joanne and I were sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner in Torrey (as we are doing today). We had chatted with Brooke and Peggy about joining us, but didn’t confirm. We’d given up on them, but just as we plunked food on the table we heard their knock at the door. They arrived in full Brooke-and-Peggy force and lit up the room. As we sit down to dinner today, we know that same life force will pull them through this incredibly challenging time. It sounds like Brooke is finding ways to be thankful even now. His determination is our model. Tonight, a dozen people will look out the window at a skiff of snow on redrock in the heart of the country Brooke loves and raise glasses to Brooke’s health and recovery.

Jan Frost said...

Brooke and Peggy,

Two weeks ago, someone asked me if I knew Brooke Hopkins. What a question, considering how much it meant to me to be a minor partner in team teaching a class on American Transcendentalism linked to writing with him! Brooke, you inspired me then and now. My thoughts are with you both.

Best wishes, Jan Frost

Shelley said...

Yay for long red beds! Wonderful! I'm so glad about this--I've been worried about this, because I'm tall but Brooke is taller and I don't fit in a hospital bed, so I knew that he had to be cramped.

François sends his best--you are never far from our thoughts.

Peace to you,

Anonymous said...

We're back from Rome (great trip !) and closer to an easy Internet access, so able to keep up with your very informative blog. Please let Brooke know we're pulling for him and praying for a speedy recovery.


Nan and Norm Rosenblatt

Lincoln W. Hobbs, Esq., CCAL said...

Brooke and Peggy:
It's wonderful to be able to follow this blog, and read of the daily updates, and of Brooke's progress.

I was in Hawaii when I heard of the accident; I'd been thinking of the two or you shortly before I heard, because I'd been remembering your stories of camping and snorkeling in your trip to New Zealand.

It's obvious and not at all surprising how much concern and support you have in the community. We're all anticipating and looking forward to your recovery.

Keep up the good work!

Chase Kirkham said...

Prof. Hopkins,
I just barely found this blog otherwise I would have dropped you a line earlier. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. You have been one of my most influential teachers and have changed the way I not only look at books, but at the way I view the world around me. I feel I have improved as a writer because of your help. Thank you also for your help with my law school admissions, and for just being interested in helping me. I wish you the very best,


ed ranney said...

greetings Brooke and Peggy, & Sara

So great to get the latest news and know of new arrangements, and improvements! We are thinking of you as always, wishing for continued progress. And so happy to see all the posted encouragement to you all, particularly the great tributes from students, Brooke. Really wonderful.

cold here now in Santa Fe!
much much love, ed and melanie Ranney

carolgnade said...

Brooke and Peggy,
I so appreciate this blog with the updates on how things are going with Brooke. All of us in Teasdale and Torrey who know the two of you are thinking of you each day. When I visited Brooke on Sunday, I found that he had an amazing ability to communicate through his bright eyes, smile and lip movement. Lorraine and I are sending our love and support and hoping that Brooke has a full recovery. Peggy please let us know if there is anything that we can do for you here in Torrey. Love and warm regards, Carol and Lorraine

Barbara nd Robin said...

Hi there Brooke and Peggy, we are preparing for our Thanksgiving feast here as we are unable to get Turkies before Dec: . We have a groupe of twelve of us from various cultural backgrounds. As I was preparing I used that large blue with white spottted Bowl YOU two gave us on your Berlin visit years ago, I think you picked it up in Poland then. I also looked out the kitchen window at the stacked wood and thought how Brooke stacked it all years ago as he visited Barbara here. We are looking forward to seeing you two again , either here or there. All our Love to you Both

gk.kimsma said...

Hi Brooke and Peggy,
What a shock, it came through over the ocean.We dearly hope that Brooke will be getting better and coming home soon. All the ebst from the Netherlands,
Marga and Gerrit K.Kimsma