Monday, March 2, 2009

Meeting Charlton Heston


Patrick Zwick said...

We, Brooke and Peggy's friends and family, have shared many tears of joy and sorrow these past months as we follow along the unfolding tale of our dear friends lives. I think seeing Brooke tell this little tale will put a smile on all your faces. My favorite part of Brooke's delightful Heston story is the beautiful smile he flashes towards the end. Tomorrow Brooke moves to Bountiful (South Davis Community Hospital). It's an easy drive. Directions follow:
Take I-15 N toward ODGEN.

Take the UT-68 E. exit, EXIT 316, toward BOUNTIFUL.

Go East on 500 S. to 400 E, eight or nine blocks.

Turn LEFT onto 400 E. The hospital is on the NE corner of 500 S. and 400 E.

Estimated Time: 14 minutes Estimated Distance: 9.58 miles

T.R. Hummer said...

Great story, Brooke! And how marvelous to hear you tell it.

A thousand thanks for posting this.

Love, Terry

Jill Sheinberg said...

Great video. Fabulous smile. And you know Brooke does look like Charlton Heston (When he was in his prime) only much better looking.

I hope the move to Bountiful goes well.

George Constable said...

Brooke, I mean Charlton, that is sensational, hilarious!

ed ranney said...

Brooke, and friends!

What a gift to see and hear you speaking, with that great little story and lovely humor, many many thanks!

We think you look great, and send all best wishes for the move to Bountiful!

love, Ed and Melanie