Sunday, March 22, 2009

Having trouble leaving a comment? Reprise

Sara posted this a couple of months ago, but here it is again, just in time for B's birthday on Wednesday:

Having trouble leaving a comment?
Mom says there are still a few people who are struggling to leave comments on the blog, so I'm posting these instructions again.
Having trouble leaving a comment?
Mom says there are still a few people who are struggling to leave comments on the blog, so I'm posting these instructions again. Your comments are especially meaningful now that Brooke is on speaking restriction!

Step 1: LOG-IN. Click on the 'Sign-in' link on the top right of the screen. Enter your id and password when prompted. If you don't already have a google account, you can create one by following that same sign-in link.
Step 2: CLICK ON COMMENT LINK. You will find this small underlined 'comment' link directly under the post on the right side. It will say '0 comments' or '12 comments' or however many comments there are.
Step 4: WRITE COMMENT in the box on the right
Step 5: PUBLISH POST by clicking on the button under the comment box that says 'Publish Post'

I'm guessing most people hit a snag if they don't have a google/blogger account so make sure you create one or sign-in before trying to comment.

If you still have questions or are having trouble, please feel free to email me directly at and I will walk you through the process. You can also email me your comment and I will post it for you. Good luck bloggers!


chuckandjudy said...

Herzlichen Glueckwunsch zum Geburtstag liebe Brooke

I am amazed that Germany has been a European leader when the language requires 6 words to say "happy birthday"! Judy and I wish we could be at your side to sing our greetings - and tell you in person how much we value our friendship and are inspired by your positive attitude and tenacity as you deal with your new challenge. We will check in on our return next week. With love, Chuck and Judy

Anonymous said...

I have had lots of trouble leaving a comment, but discovered today that I can use my livejournal identity to comment! If you choose "OpenID," you then have several choices as to what ID you want, and livejournal was one of them. Yay!

I'm working on the Kindle 2 problem. I'm wondering if you could put the stand on a temperpedic pillow, so it would settle in good, put the pillow across Brooke's lap. The pillow might be too heavy--I don't know. Would have to try it.

I'm so glad to hear of the movements in Brooke's legs! Wonderful! I know we have to use cautious optimism but can't help but be encouraged about this. I will keep praying for you, Brooke, and for you, Peggy. I use my favorite prayer, which is "Help!" Not much else worth saying... ;-}

Francois sends his love. Sorry I didn't post for a long time, but it wouldn't let me post. Now I can.

Shelley and Fran├žois

Rainie and Norm at Peach Lake said...

Happy Birthday Brooke! This is just to say that a package should arrive for you tomorrow. It's a box with hearts on it and about 300 surprises inside. I'll write an email to Peggy to explain. Enjoy. Lots of love from Rain and Norm at Peach Lake, NY.

Stacey Katz said...

Happy birthday, Brooke! I miss seeing you around on campus -- your smile always gave me a lift. I hope that you have a nice birthday and that this year will be one of tremendous progress and happiness for you. I'm always thinking of you and sending you my very best wishes.

Writermama said...

Greetings! I was a grad student in a class Brooke taught on Homer and Vigil more than 20 years ago--one of the most important classes I took in that period of my life. I was distressed to hear about Brooke's accident from a former colleague, and just found this blog last night.

A few years ago, i ran into you and Brooke at a downtown cafe during one of my visits to SLC. Brooke graciously invited me to join you both at your table, but I was with a friend (who needed to talk) and had to decline, which I've always regretted.

I send my best healing thoughts to Brooke and to you.

Julie Turley

Writermama said...

eek! I misspelled "Virgil."