Friday, March 6, 2009

Is anybody out there in Inventor mode?

Is anybody out there in Inventor Mode? Amazon has just brought out version 2 of its amazing Kindle reader—240,000 books all available online in less than 60 seconds, more than even Brooke could digest although he has always been a devourer of books. (Sony has something like it too.)  But in order to operate the thing you have to be able to keep it in front of your face and also be able to push the ‘next page’ button. Brooke’s left thumb (though not the right one) is probably strong enough now to push the button if it were perfectly aligned, but since he can’t use his hands more generally, he can’t hold something even as light, thin, and sleek as this new Kindle in front of his face. Here’s what Amazon replied to a query:

Hello from,

Thank you for your interest in the Amazon Kindle 2. Currently we do not sell an accessory that is a book stand or a touch pad that would enable someone who doesn't have the use of their hands to easily use the Kindle. I am sorry but I thank you for your interest in the Kindle and we will keep an open mind to make these requests available.
I thank you again for your interest in the Amazon Kindle.

Anybody out there who knows of or wants to try to devise a stand for it?

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John Cartan said...

Hi Brooke and team,

I did a little poking around on the web, and though I didn't find an immediate solution, I did find evidence that are people are thinking about the same problem.

Here is brief story from a quadriplegic who is able to prop up his kindle with pillows and turn pages with the side of his hand (he has some movement in his arms):

Amazon does sell a metal stand for the kindle 2 that might solve part of the problem:

I don't know exactly what capabilities Brooke has (or will have), but perhaps some bailing wire, chewing gum, and a little ingenuity could fill the remaining gaps. Maybe some existing assistive technology for dialing phones or whatever could be extended or modified.

Hope this helps! Good luck!