Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The most amazing sound

I don't have much of an update - probably will have more tomorrow. But for now I just want to share the experience I had yesterday. I happened to call at the exact moment that the speech therapist was there having Brooke practice with the speaking valve. Mom held the phone to Brooke's face and I actually got to hear his voice. I can't even describe how wonderful a sound it was - I burst into tears of joy - I finally felt like this broken man was somehow whole again. I've always known that 'Brookie' was still in there, but to hear him say my name, hear him talk about other people in his passionate way, hear him say that he remembered something I told him on day 2 of this whole ordeal... well it was incredible and he really became Brooke again. His strength and courage continue to astound me. I hope you all get to experience his voice in the near future as it was an amazing sound.


Bayly Buck said...

What wonderful news!

Shireen said...

The news is wonderful. As soon as you are home and Reza is back we will bring you some good music. Much much love


sustainableElaine said...

it's been great reading the blog and hearing of the little joys that enter into each day (along with the frustrations). It's also amazing how comforting the sound of a voice can be. Continued best wishes for progress and most importantly happiness. love and hugs, elaine and phil

Sam Katz said...

Thanks so much for coming in to talk to our class. It made me think a lot about the way I deal with loss and tragedy in my own life, even if it isn't as dramatic. Please keep this blog going!