Thursday, December 4, 2008

And the words come tumbling out...

After almost 3 weeks of not being able to audibly speak, Brooke was finally given a chance to use his voice today. They fitted him with a 'speaking valve' and apparently a waterfall of words came pouring out - you can imagine how much his amazing and emotional mind had to say about all of this. Mom says his voice sounds like his own so that must be incredibly comforting. He is still not allowed to have the valve on for long periods of time, as it is challenging for his lungs. But I'm sure that being able to converse, even briefly, will ease a bit of his tension.

He continues to make some progress towards being weaned off the ventilator. Some doctors are optimistic, some are pessimistic, but all admit that it is a very long process (weeks/months) and it is still too early to tell whether he will get off of it completely. It's amazing how important it has become to work toward the most immediate goal, rather than focusing on the big picture, which of course is still so fragile and scary.

He had another 'Cadillac' ride today in preparation for being moved to Rehab, which they still say will be tomorrow, but that's hospital time so we'll let you know when it really happens!

He had 15 visitors yesterday, which was very tiring for him. So don't be surprised if he's sleeping or you're turned away at the door - remember he still needs his rest. He loves seeing all of you, but if he seems tired, try just sitting by his side instead of engaging him in conversation or even thought. Sometimes quiet company is all he needs.

Again, thanks for all your love and support.


Bill Campbell said...

Brooke and Peggy- Your Blog is a Godsend for those of us who are standing by helpless. I check in everyday to see what new progress has been made. Please know that my best wishes are with you both and that all is well on your financial front so not to worry. I don't return to SLC for another week but hope to stop by and say "hello" soon-Bill

Robin said...

Brooke and Peggy, Your grace and courage inspire us every day.
Robin(Gale's daughter)