Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Having trouble leaving a comment?

I've heard that some of you are having trouble leaving comments on the blog - and we want to make sure Brookie hears from everyone who wants to leave a message!!

If you are a first time blogger it may be unclear, so here are the steps in a nutshell:

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I'm guessing most people hit a snag if they don't have a google/blogger account so watch for that step.

If you still have questions or are having trouble, please feel free to email me directly at sarabpearson@hotmail.com and I will walk you through the process. Good luck bloggers!


Glenn Most said...

dear brooke, all my love to you and peggy. i am sure you will recover fully, and i look forward to seeing you both as soon as geography and health permit. love as always, glenn most

Brin said...

Here's a message from Yukio Kachi, who was not able to post it himself:


I'd like to add that the rest of the Philosophy Department is sending their love and best wishes to you both, too, Brooke and Peggy.


Nadja Durbach said...

Dear Brooke and Peggy

I haven't written until now but have been following the blog daily as I am very eager to hear how Brooke is recovering. I was very struck by his earlier comment about how much he is learning about himself from this experience. I do not believe that everything happens for a reason, but rather that we make meaning out of our experiences both good and bad. Thus I am looking forward to hearing more from Brooke once he can communicate more easily about how this experience has shaped his sense of self. I am sure he will have many valuable insights to share with all of us. I am sending you both my best wishes and think of you each and every day.

best, Nadja

LKnauer919 said...

Peggy and Brooke

I have been blogging away - totally unaware that no one had seen them. (They were brilliant, witty, yet sensitive!) It did occur to me that since I never saw them on the comments that just perhaps I was doing something wrong. Age is a sad thing. I am only a little above John McCain in my computer competence. No place for me in the Obama administration.

Fran and I think of you often, and I check the blog several times a day. We had asked if we could do anything in Torrey, since we went down over Thanksgiving. I sure hope the answer would have been "no."

Our good thoughts are with you.

Louise Knauer

Seymour Glass said...

Dear Brooke,

I was so saddened to hear about your accident and I am following the blog that your family is using to keep all of your concerned friends and family updated. Many thanks to the bloggers for keeping us in the loop. I hope and pray that things go well and that you make a quick and lasting recovery. Your recent accident reminded me of something that I had procrastinated for too long. When my brother Michael told me that you were retiring last Spring I felt like I should write you a little note and thank you for everything you did to help me. So I'm doing it now.

Your ITW class was the first class I took at the U back in 1996. Your 2900 class was the first English class I took the following quarter. I knew going in that I wanted to study English and become a professor, but I had no idea how that would happen, but you showed me. For the entire time I spent at the U (96-03, including a two year "sabbatical") you were a valued professor and counselor. Your classes were inspiring. Your enthusiasm was contagious. Your helpfulness is virtually unmatched by any other faculty member I have ever known. Your advice about courses to take (and not to take) put me in the best classes and opened up doors for me to get to where I am now. You helped me so much to prepare for everything I've done since. I'm now in my 6th year of my doctoral program at UCI and am working on my dissertation and gearing up for the job market next Fall. I've now taught a number of different courses over the last 4 years and often find myself thinking about your courses and of you as a model for my own teaching. This was especially true this last winter when I found myself teaching Aeschylus and Hamlet. I'm sure I'll think of you again this summer when I teach an introductory poetry course and we read Keats.

Again, many thanks for your work and your kindness. And most importantly, the thoughts and prayers of many former students, including mine and my two brothers who have been in your classes, are with you and your family (thanks for this blog).

Robert Colson

Bayly Buck said...

This is Bayly Buck, a family member who often looked up (literally) to Brooke at the Hopkins Christmas table. Brooke and Speed Hopkins were the old guys i always wanted to be like.
I come to this blog as a newbie, but fascinated by the breath of its scope. What a wonderful device for connecting.
Please express my heartfelt prayers & concern to Brooke, Peggy, Lisa, Mark and all of the family. We pray for you every night.
Bayly Buck

Jules said...

Dear Brooke, You were my favorite professor when I was in the English department 12 years ago. The novels I studied with you are still my favorites, and when my little brother decided to go into English, I told him to take all your classes. You took time to help me with my writing, something no other professor did. As a teacher myself, you inspired me to spend individual time with students and to teach them how to dig, dig, dig to find more inspiration from the books they read. I was always impressed by what a strong mind you have, watching you pace around the room running your fingers through your hair (you're hair was always messy because of it!), sometimes placing your chalk on the board for minutes at a time without writing anything, as if you couldn't put your racing thoughts into words. I loved your classes. I'll fast and pray for you and your wife that you will receive comfort in such a challenging time and that your recovery will be complete. Thanks for the effect you have had on my life! Julie Beckstrand Jackson

Stacey Katz said...

I am so moved by your students' messages. Makes me even prouder to be your colleague. As you recover, the you who emerges from this blog continues to amaze and inspire. My thoughts remain with you.

Steve Adams said...

Dear Brooke (Wed,12/03 4:00 PST),

I just got off the phone with Lisa, who is back in New York, and it was reassuring to have first-hand news of you. I am so glad you are going to the rehabilitation center. I think of you often and shudder at the toll this accident must be taking on you. It is so hard to know what to say. I don't want to be too "up" or too "down". I guess just being natural is the best thing.

My very best, Steve Adams

Sally Smith said...

Did it come through? Wow, this blogging is complicated. Sally

Sally Smith said...

Yippee! I'm in and sending all good love your way. Sally

Gale said...

It was wonderful to see Brooke laugh today during a visit when I got read aloud a few installments of a diary I kept when Brooke and I did a long dusty trip on the southern Silk Road in 2001. What a wonderful traveling companion Brooke is.

Phyllis said...

Dearest Brooke, I have been devastated by your accident and I have been following the blog since I first heard about it around ten days ago from Owen. He called me in Key West to tell me the awful news, as did Kathryn Kilgore, who had heard from Carol Gnade.There is a whole network of us who might not be likely to post a blog but who care deeply about you and wish profoundly for your restoration to health. That includes Laurent and Teddy, too. I have that photograph of you as a Renaissance philosopher up on my wall and think of you every day. With love, Phyllis

B.C. said...

Brooke and Peggy!!!! I have only just now discovered your blog. What a wonderful thing, this magical Internet world. The two of you have been foremost on my mind since reading of the accident. Michael Adamson sends his most encouraging love, as does Daniel Larrinaga (who will be commenting soon) and all of my Actor Friends who have met you over the years. I don't know why you have to do this thing, but I do know this... YOU CAN DO THIS THING. The two of you have been an immense support to me over the years -- and I want you to know that I am with you now. I have not visited yet, as I am in Helper, Utah for an acting gig (as is Larrinaga/what a wonderful, strange set of circumstances -- we're actually roommates!) -- We'll be back in town the end of December, and you'll be seeing us. I don't have ANY idea how long a "comment" should be!!!! I didn't read any of the others - I just caught up on the circumstances and started my "comment." Hopefully it is not inappropriate - and if it is -- certainly, you'll forgive me for it is ALL LOVE!!!!!
I love you both, and believe in you.
(I'll leave a shorter comment next time -- I just glanced over and saw some of the others-- whoops.)
Here is love and faith in recovery, journey, and confidence in the two of you, my friends.
Brenda Cowley (Larrinaga)

rebecca said...

Dear Brooke,

A little poetry for the gray hours of this moment in your universe:

Poetry Searches for Radiance

Poetry searches for radiance
Poetry is the kingly road
that leads us farthest.
We seek radiance in a gray hour,
at noon or in the chimneys of the dawn,
even on a bus, in November,
while an old priest nods beside us.

The waiter in a Chinese restaurant bursts into tears
and no one can think why.
Who knows,this may also be a quest,
like that moment at the seashore
when a predatory sky appeared on the horizon and stopped short,
held still for a long while,
And also moments of deep joy

and countless moments of anxiety.
Let me see, I ask.
Let me persist, I say.
A cold rain falls at night
In the streets and avenues of my city
quiet darkness is hard at work.
Poetry searches for radiance.

Adam Zagajewski
(Translated, from the Polish)

Surely I speak for thousands of your former students in thanking you for the profound measure of "radiance" you have brought into the lives of all with whom you've wandered the planet.

I will take your large-hearted spirit with me next time I ride a canyon, and then send back healing energy from the Wasatch. You are in my prayers.

becky owen

Roger Arhart said...

Hi Brooke and Peggy,

Glad to hear that Brooke has graduated from ICU. It was a pleasure to meet Lisa last week at the hospital, sorry to miss Peggy. We had a good trip to Seattle to spend Thanksgiving with Megan and Steven. It's a great place to visit kids, but we still like living in Utah. Hope to see you soon.

Love, Roger and Jane

Art Sandack said...

Dear Brooke:

I’m relieved to see you are making some progress. Now maybe you can help me. Last spring, you suggested I read Middlemarch, which I did and loved. That led me to cover all those popular books by 19 century women, I've never read, to wit: “Pride and Prejudice” (very good), “Jane Eyre” (I actually liked it) and finally, last week, “Wuthering Heights” (necrophilia and incest). Thanks a lot. I can’t do this any more Brooke. How about something in a lighter vein?

By the way, the guy playing the harmonica for you in the parking lot the other day, really was Louis Borgenicht, and not me.

Peggy, on a more serious note. I appreciate your desire to want to improve things for Brooke and others at the hospital. We had a similar experience when one of our children was young, with some success in getting them to change the rules, which ultimately the staff appreciated. So keep on trying, meet with people like the hospital social worker, if you have not already, and you can do some good.

Best wishes.

Art Sandack

Sally Smith said...


Sally Smith said...

OK. I'm a blogger! Thanks to you, Brooke. See, you're still teaching us new stuff. You're also writing a book in your head that I can't wait to read. I heard an interesting piece on NPR about Mark Twain's involvement with Nikola Tesla, the crazy lightning guy. The M.T. class was so great-- I can't wait to do the Henry plays with you. I have shared the blog info with as many of my classmates as I can. I check it every time I check my email. Feel the pressure? I love you guys, and I haven't even met Peggy! Sally Smith

Steve Adams said...

Dear Peggy (Thursday 12/04, 6:20 pm),
I hope you are holding up all right. It must be very hard to continually support and worry about Brooke's condition. I hope Brooke is able to sleep reasonably well so that at least he feels rested at times.
Love, Steve

Steve Harmon said...

Hi Brooke and Peggy,
Brooke, we met several years ago on a glorious bluebird day at Powder Mountain, so it won't come as a surprise if you don't remember me. I am sorry about your bicycle accident. I've been trying to send positive energy and hope for your full recovery. Please get well soon. Peggy, we met several years ago when you worked with us on a bioethics conference at the VA. I admire the strength of your familiy during this difficult time. Take care and thanks for your updates on Brooke's condition.
Steve Harmon

Carol Gnade said...

Dear Brooke and Peggy,
We are so sorry about your accident. We think of you each and every day and send wishes for your recovery. It was good to see you last Sunday and still see those bright eyes and wonderful smile. You are an amazing communicator even without the capacity to make a sound. Our hope is to see the you and Peggy in Torrey next summer. Peggy, if there is anything that we can do for you in Torrey, please let us know. Sending healing thoughts your way
Carol and Lorraine

Rainie & Norm at Peach Lake said...

Dear Peggy and Brooke, Just like eveyone else, we are following the blog closely and I am going to try for the first time to actually post something because I suspect that Peggy has not had a chance to check her email. I hope you got our original note with our love and prayers for your recovery and photos of all your family at Peach Lake. I mention this because Peggy's response was via blackberry and you may not have been able to open those photos. I'll send hard copies.

The most recent communication was a note to let you know that I sent a "care package" early last week and it should have arrived last Friday. It is an eggcrate matress pad and cover to put under Brooke's fitted sheet; this will help avoid a rash. Those hospital beds with the plastic matress covers don't breathe. I found that this made Norm much more comfortable during his hospital stays. I will make this short because I don't know if I will have success. Please look for the package. Much love, Rain & Norm

PS - I'll work on sending you some photos.

Shireen said...

Dearest Peggy and Brooke we heard the unhappy news when we were in Iran and couldn't contact you although I telephoned from there. Reza and I send out best love and all the good vibes we can muster

Benny Sarusi said...

Hey Brooke,

I was so shocked when I heard about the terrible exidend you were involved and more shocked what happened to you from the exident. Let me remind you and the people around you, how I met you. First I am from Israel working as a lecturer in Ben Gurion University in the desert part of Israel. We were sharing the same floor at the Yocom's resident. I was in the middle of research with the DU University and just trying to drive more and more miles in the US. You were a volunteer to advertise Obama election. After about 3 days sharing the same floor finally we meet while our hosts were out of the residence. In those 3 days I was trying to imagine what your type is and as you know I was having a lot of time during a driving around 600 miles to the sand dunes. After this journey I came home and we were having about 2 hours of chat about many subjects. As I know myself I don't remember that it was happened to me ever in my life. Brooke, one of our subjects was about a tour around Salt Lake which you said that you are willing to do for me if I will come around May. I didn't mention which May it will be but I am looking forward for this tour. But, in order to make this tour real, you must be strong and must think positive. You are a great person and the world is missing people like you. Another good reason why you need to be strong is that you need to eat the fruits of the Obama winning election which you working so hard for and finally the best reason why you need to thing positive is your supporting family (which I don't familiar with). You must be strong in order to enjoy your grand children's your children's and finally your philosopher wife. I am thinking positive a lot in the last few days about you and I truly hope that you will be recover and you will be come to 100 % of your way of life.

Looking forward to hear good news from you.

Sincerely your
Benny Sarusi Israel.

Dr. Lou's Blog said...

kThree of us (Jim Poulton, my wife Jody Plant and me) went to visit Brooke today hoping to play some acoustic blues for him but he was having a tough and tiring day. We rescheduled the music.

Brooke did say, "I have learned so many important things, most of them beautiful. I want to tell you about them some time."

And he will.