Saturday, April 11, 2009

More Strange Coincidences in the Canyon

Some of you may have missed this, since it was posted as a comment to the blog (March 30), but those of you who want to help me fit the pieces of the account of my accident together will find this interesting, especially in view of all the other remarkable coincidences that occurred that day in City Creek Canyon. Talita says it’s fine to post this again for you.

Dear Brooke,
I am so glad that I found your blog. I was very worried about you and what happened. I was on a walk in the Canyon, the day of the accident, with a good friend, the person who gave you mouth to mouth. I am the one who helped the flight nurse turn you over and I searched your clothes for your ID.
I had no idea who you were at the time of the accident, simply did not recognize you. You know why that is so strange? Because Spring 2007, I taught right after you in the same class room and we always talked. I was in a different department but of course I had seen you many times in the hall, and after we were "class room buddies" we always talked for a few minutes in between our classes.
None of us knew how serious your injuries were but you did not look good. I saw the accident on the news that night but since they failed to identify the victim, I still did not know who you were. Then, a few weeks later I saw a report on the internet and realized it was you, Brooke. I am so sorry you are hurt but delighted beyond words that you made it.
I just found your blog and I finally have a way to contact you. I hope you will continue to be in good spirits. You are an amazing person!!!
Love, Talita, your former class room buddy
P.S. BTW, happy belated birthday, just saw the blog entry, hope that you felt much loved on your special day!

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Brenda Cowley said...

hi, you two!

I read Talita's original comment and could NOT believe it. It is true that the canyon seemed to be remarkably full of "protection" on that day.

Thinking about you today, and hoping you get a chance to peek at that sunshine.

I cannot wait for next Sunday! I'll have a Larrinaga in tow -- maybe we can talk him into singing one of the songs from the show he's rehearsing for right now... :)

My love to you both --
Brenda Cowley