Friday, April 24, 2009

The Feeding Program

Here’s the most recent development: after five months, Brooke’s feeding tube has finally been clamped off, the night feedings he’s been getting discontinued. This is something many of you have had a hand in: so many wonderful people have been bringing him so much wonderful food (and wine) that he doesn’t need supplements anymore. He eats everything (except turnips, he says), and he eats like a horse. Right now, we’re eating lunch: potato chicken soup, deli sandwiches, cold tortellini salad, garden salad, tiramsu, all from Granatos, courtesy of some friends from the university. Last night, it was a chicken curry. The night before, something equally tasty, and the night before that too. You’d think lying in bed much of the day would mean that he doesn’t need much to eat, but in fact he works hard—the breathing trials, the physical therapy, and all the talking, not to mention rebuilding muscle—that he seems to need lots of food. Besides, he enjoys good food tremendously—so thanks, many thanks. It’s not only the progress that having the tube feeding discontinued represents that we want to celebrate, but the friendship it represents as well.

Peggy (and Brooke)


Lorraine Seal said...

Terrific news! Keep eating! Not only does it seem like progress, it's good that Brooke is enjoying the sensual pleasures of life.

Stacey Katz said...

Dear Brooke,
It was wonderful seeing you today. I enjoyed our conversation (and our lunch!) so much. I've said it all along, but you have an incredible way of inspiring people. Today was no exception. I am grateful that I got to spend a little time with you before leaving town. I hope that the next time I see you, your life will be very different. I have a very strong sense that it will be. In the meantime, I will look forward to following your progress on this blog. I will be in touch from Boston...
Much love,

Brenda Cowley said...

Brooke and Peggy --

HOOOORAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!! Peggy, I'm sure that Brooke told you one of the GROSSEST meals he had to eat was with Daniel and me (the Sunchips were the highlight if that helps describe the situation).

I noticed your appetite, Brooke (I couldn't help it, you were kind of bossy :) :) :) And realized just HOW important those calories, and as Lorraine said, the pleasure of REAL food -- company, all of it -- that day it became clear (much like the "Breathing Blog") just how important the "food" is --

I am excited to read this blog, and am only sorry Peggy that we didn't get to see you that day.

Brooke -- Dan hasn't forgotten about the cd's -- he's just stuck in Tech Rehearsals and the day job -- we'll get them to you.

Thank you for a wonderful day last Sunday, Brooke -- Stacey is right -- You INSPIRE people (you both do) -- how strange that you need people for so many things, and people need YOU for so many things.


Love to you both --