Tuesday, February 3, 2009

News Flash--40 minutes

Hot, hot news: Brooke spent 40 minutes off the vent late yesterday, breathing on his own. This is a fantastic breakthrough, one we weren't at all sure would be possible for someone with a C2/C3 injury, and while we try to guard against too much thinking into the future or anticipation of future gains when we realize that there aren’t any guarantees (either about ventilator independence, physical function, or anything else), this is nevertheless really significant.
Of course, he also spent 40 minutes with each hand bound tightly with elastic tape into a fist, and each arm placed in a long stretch out on the bed above his head (the “at the beach posture”) to try to regain some range of motion in the fingers (at the moment, they don’t bend) and stretching of his upper arm muscles, and then another 40 minutes getting electrical stimulation to each forearm, but it’s the first step in the vent-weaning process that we’re celebrating. And how.



ed ranney said...

great news about the independent breathing time, Brooke and Peggy, little by little, and the fierce work on the arms, fingers, etc sounds promising, not unlike using acupuncture coupled with electric stimulation, which has been helpful for my old extremities when overused!

love from all Ranneys

Lorraine Seal said...

This is fantastic news, exactly what I've been hoping for. Again, well done, Brooke!

I think the work you're doing now is without doubt the hardest work of any kind you've done in your life. Your courage and perseverance are remarkable. I applaud you.

Love to you both,

mamasquab said...

I had not seen this blog before, and I cannot imagine what this is like for you both. Lots and lots of love from me--Hilde Lindemann--who fears this will be posted under my blogger name of Mamasquab.

Peter and Judith von Sivers said...

This is such wonderful, glorious news!! Thank you, Peggy, for keeping us all informed of the good, the ghastly, & the thrilling. You write so beautifully & truthfully that Peter & I feel like we're (almost) experiencing it with you.

Peter, asked me to thank you esp. from him -- he hasn't been able to write for awhile because his publisher has become stern with all 3 of them, sending grim reminders that time is pressing. So he's very grateful for your blogs.

And we were both ecstatic with the first sound of Brooke's voice!!

With love & prayers, as always. We are immensely pleased. xxxooo Peter & Judith

Ron Barness said...

Fantastic news Brooke! I am elated for your and just lit a candle. Hugs. Ron

Nik said...

Every day. You both inspire. And respire! Such great news!

John Cartan said...

Congratulations, Brooke!

You're climbing the mountain, one breath at a time.

And thanks again to your wonderful family for this blog. I am especially looking forward to seeing more entries from Brooke himself!


Redbird said...

Brookie & Peggy,

Cousin Bobby C. here in New York, doing my weekly check in on the blog. Great news about the ventless 40 mins. Reading Brookie's story about the life flight nurse was something. The nurses are the heroes. They bring our babies into the world (with a little help from the OB); they keep our children well; they give our cousins cpr on the side of the road; they take care of our aged parents, and then aged us. Do what they tell you, Brookie, and maybe they'll give you an extra helping of dessert! Lots of love from the Big Apple; we'll watch over your little sister. Bobby (and Posie).

Anonymous said...

Independent breathing. It reminds me to take a breath. This is great news. What a forty minutes those must have been. May there be many more.

We love you both,

ginger (of Grant and Ginger Eager)