Sunday, February 22, 2009

Less Pain, More Progress, Heavy Lifting

Less pain, wow. And more progress. Progress in vent weaning (details in a future post, both about what’s happening now and about what can be expected when he gets to South Davis, for the further stages of vent weaning.) Today, though, it’s about the left hand.
There’s an item taped to the wall in Brooke’s room now, among the hundred cards (and they’re still not all up yet)—it’s a little plastic talcum-powder bottle, partly empty, so it doesn’t even weigh the couple of ounces it did when it was full. But it’s an historic item now, inscribed with magic marker: “First Item Picked Up, Feb. 21.” It wouldn’t be heavy lifting for anybody else, but it is a big achievement here: the thumb and the forefinger on the left hand managed to grasp it and hold it off the table for a full 15 seconds.
And there’ll be more news soon: we’ve finally learned who the flight nurse was who saved Brooke’s life at the time of the accident. Remarkable, wonderful, to meet with her. Details soon. You’ll like her.



T.R. Hummer said...

Thank the gods there's less pain, and even more that this MAJOR progress has manifested itself! All the hard work is paying off. Fabulous!

Love, Terry

Lorraine Seal said...

Terrific news! It's really big, and I thank you for the news.

Brooke, you're working hard, and it's paying off. Well done!

I expect the idea of moving to a new facility is intimidating, especially leaving the staff you've come to know so well as they've come to know you. Still, that there is progress to be made, and that you're making it, is the most important thing.

Keep climbing that mountain.

Love, Lorraine

Brenda Cowley said...

Oh, Holy Heavy Lifting, Batman!!!!! YES!!!!

Keep going, Brooke! (I am so excited I cannot find appropriate words.)

We cannot WAIT to "meet the nurse." Maybe she can "blog" her experience that day?

Oh, keep going, you two -- just keep keep keeping on!!!!

Brenda Cowley

norm said...

Brooke - Congratulations on lifting the talcum bottle! Indeed an achievement with better stuff to come. Looking forward to hearing about the nurse, especially since we were with you when you first learned her identity.

Peggy - thanks for keeping us all well informed, we think of you both every day and keep sending good thoughts and positive (clean) energy.

Hope you both got to hear Barack on Tuesday, truly inspiring.


Nan and Norm