Sunday, December 26, 2010

PS to media note

In the previous entry about today's TV interview with Ted Capener (5:30 this afternoon, Ch. 7, KUED), I didn't mean to suggest that Brooke is thinking about physician-assisted suicide (at least not in any way beyond reflections on whether life in his situation is so difficult that it would be better not to be alive at all), but only that it's a topic I've been writing about professionally for years. That's what the interview is about. Oh, the irony.



Elisabeth said...

The irony, indeed.

Lorraine Seal said...

Is there anyway to see (or listen to) the broadcast online? I was unable to find a link to a podcast on the Channel 7 website.

norm said...

( I posted this Friday but apparently it didn't go through)
Every year our family goes to Perry's- one of San Francisco's iconic watering holes for Christmas Eve lunch (this is not yet an established maverick Jewish tradition). We've been doing this for 36 years. Part of lunch is that our daughter (also named Brooke) asks "What's the best book you've read this year".

My answer was easy. Brooke and Peggy's blog. I would be hard pressed to find any other book with the inspiration, the cheek by jowl mix of pathos and joy, the immediacy of emotion that I found here during 2010.

For you guys 2011 promises new challenges. You will, I believe, confront with them with the courage and wisdom you have evidenced during the last two years.

With love from Nan and me