Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pacer Repaired


            Back to the new normal, now that the pacer has been repaired.  Brooke is extremely happy to be off the vent again. Next comes a 48-hour observation period; then we expect homecoming, probably Tuesday morning.  We’re all relieved that the pacer failure problem was indeed external—a little problem with one of the leads that comes out through the chest, which perhaps got snagged on something—but it was an exciting repair to watch the  doctor perform, rethreading the wires of the errant lead through their tiny connecting pins and then crimping them on.  When the pacer was restarted it gave Brooke a good introductory jolt and then showed all four AAAAs on the readout of its battery pack, indicating perfect connections.  We all just about cheered.   Brooke says the pacer is way more comfortable than the vent, and is now the good new normal again.  What happened is apparently a very rare occurrence; and because the thing is now anchored in place, it’s not at all likely to happen to Brooke again.  

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Lorraine Seal said...

Good news that Brooke is back on the pacer and the fault repaired. I'm thinking of you this Tuesday morning -- very early for you as I write -- and hoping the move home goes off as scheduled today. I look forward to reading about it soon!