Monday, April 12, 2010


Brooke is out of surgery and doing well! The surgery went as planned, the pacemaker is in place and will be programmed/fine-tuned over the next few days. More updates to come...
- Greg

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Rainie and Norm at Peach Lake said...

Fantastic!!! We are delighted to hear that Brooke's surgery went well. On Saturday April 10, a contingent of 9 Pabst-related adults and 3 kids gathered at Peach Lake for a family visit. (Sally, Stewart, Eve, Jerry, Bill, Sandy, Will, Kendal, Jack, Meg, Norm, and Rain had a ham dinner together.) It was wonderful to see everyone. We spoke of Brooke's operation and how we all hoped that the result would be much, much better than expected. I just wanted you to know that we were all thinking of you Brooke. We send our love and hope for a speedy recovery. May every day be better than yesterday. XOXO, Rain
PS, When the time is right, I'll be out for another visit.