Saturday, January 23, 2010

Facebook Fears

This is a tiny, general note of apology for not replying to Facebook, LinkedIn, or any any other invitations many of you have sent me from the new networking sites: I’ve realized that at the moment I can’t imagine even another minute added to the demands of our current life, and am recognizing that I just can’t join these sites. I’d be an addict, I know—I’d be looking at your postings all the time, and I’d get easily hooked. After all, I’d love to know what you’re doing, planning, thinking, but right at the moment I just can’t risk finding out.

By all means send me (or Brooke, at my e-address address) e-mails or notes or cards or letters or whatever, but please accept my apologies for a desperate effort at time-preservation. Those of you who’ve already succumbed to these temptations will surely understand.

(Of course, there’s no telling when I’ll weaken. And Brooke may be happy to join when he gets e-hooked up, though he still doesn’t have e-mail and the voice recognition software is on hold at the moment. So keep making invitations, but just don’t be surprised if it's a good long time before we respond.)

Peggy (& Brooke)

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