Monday, November 16, 2009

Setback, then forward

In case the account of Brooke's recent transport to the U hospital for surgery on an abscess seemed alarming, please know that he's back at South Davis now, "resting comfortably" as they say. It's true that he has to stay in bed, not sit up in the wheelchair, until the incision heals. But it's not entirely true that he's resting--he's back at work on upping his off-the-vent times (he's up to six hours a day again, on good days at least) and has a new motorized pedal exerciser for the legs. He says he feels much better--indeed, yesterday he said he felt "great."
(Hooray for big antibiotics and for very attentive care.)


Lorraine Seal said...

So much involving news and so many new posts to respond to. Thanks to Brooke's beautiful and moving reflection on his life and relationships now, and, especially, on remaining mindful, I did understand that he is comfortable and back on track, working away courageously.

It's surprising how debilitating infection can be. It's not surprising that it would be easy for an infection to gain ground unnoticed when Brooke generally lacks the ability to feel localised pain (I'm assuming). It must be one of those new and dangerous realities you're adjusting to.

Peggy, thanks for keeping us informed. I'm glad things are on an even keel again. And Brooke, I so much want to respond to your beautiful post and to the portraits Peggy Stack and Leah have given us. Right now, I'm trying to work out how to let my own mind find a place of mindfulness.


Marilyn McLaughlin said...

So glad to hear your feeling better. Life is crazy busy here, but never to busy to be thinking of you so much of the time. Sending love and hugs your way.

ed ranney said...

Hooray Brooke, six hours off vent, that's incredible, real progress. sounds good about the exerciser for legs, too! Glad antibiotics have done, are doing their job - I myself had a week of them for a more modest infection, and have been a bit out of commission so hoping for no relapse here!

anyway, cheers!