Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tubes and Machines

Brooke's still on the vent, of course, but among the various tubes and machines he has been dependent on, there's one less: the feeding tube that permitted liquid feeding directly into the stomach is out, gone, history. Of course those of you who've been visiting and bringing amazing breakfasts, lunches, dinners know that Brooke hasn't been interested in liquid tube feeding for a very long time now and that he has an extraordinarily varied and wonderful diet--the best of all the things all of you cook--but that the feeding tube itself is gone is one more bit of concrete evidence of progress. After it was taken out, one of the aides remarked, "most people die with these things in," so there's a certain sense of critical achievement in getting rid of it even if it hasn't been in use for quite a long time.


Mary R. said...

Very glad to read this. Congratulations!

Lorraine Seal said...

It's good to think of you having one less tether encumbering you. Good for you!

Keep breathing.


d_bullough said...

How has your interactions with your family changed ever since the accident? Have you noticed that you see them more often?

Jimmy said...

It's really glad to hear that you are off the tubes. I am in Steve Trimble's writing class so that is what brings me to your blog, but this passage especially reminds me of seeing my grandpa in the U hospital this summer after a heart attack. I remember when they took the tube out for him and how happy he was to have it out. I hope that you feel the same way. Congratulations!