Sunday, September 20, 2009

Salt Lake Tribune multimedias

View The Salt Lake Tribune's multimedia presentations on Peggy Battin and Brooke Hopkins:

Tragic metamorphosis: Ethical debates turn personal for U. professor: End-of-life expert profoundly challenged and much changed when her husband is paralyzed in a biking accident.

Learning to live again: Brooke Hopkins struggles through rehab after bicycling accident: Retired U. English professor confronts days of pain and frustration, along with years of memories.


Lorraine Seal said...

Thanks for providing convenient links to these two moving pieces. It's wonderful to hear both your voices and to see pictures. I've copied the presentations to my computer.

We're enjoying a pleasant warm and dry early fall, a reward for enduring a miserably wet summer. The farmers have the harvest in, or most of it. The shorn stubble shines pale gold in the sun, field after field of it, abutting in the distance green pastures. It is lovely to see, surprisingly reassuring considering I have only an indirect stake in it. There's something peaceful about knowing the grain is safe in.

I've been thinking of each of you for slightly different reasons as I conduct my own harvest. Peggy, do you remember standing at the hedge by the Shannon estuary and pulling blackberries from it? After two poor summers in which the blackberries didn't ripen, this year they hang thick, black and sweet for the taking. They bring you to mind. I picked a bucket of them yesterday and scoop up handfuls when I pass.

And Brooke, from my neighbour's trees -- my mother-in-law's, in fact -- I've been stealing pears. They're not yet ripe, but I think of you as I do.

I hope you're continuing in your breathing progress. Hang in there.

love to you both,

noezmama said...

The link to Tragic Metamorphosis is not working. Is there somewhere I can view this? Thank you so much.

Rachael Spadone