Friday, August 21, 2009

Visit from Sally

I’m Sally, Brooke’s sister-in-law (otherwise known as Peggy’s little sister). I’m here for a visit and am experiencing Salt Lake City’s summer heat for the first time—it’s considerably more tolerable than New York’s!
Brooke was in great spirits when I arrived for lunch bearing a sweet pork salad from Costa Vida. He’d had an “easy” two hour off-the-vent trial and looked devastatingly handsome with a huge smile when I walked in around 12:15. We had a chance to have some talk time before he was put into his chair for the ride down to therapy – he drove the whole way using the joystick with his left hand (WOW!), negotiating the twists and turns in and out of the elevator with nary a mishap. Returning to his room, he was seated (supported in the hoyer sling) on the recumbent bicycle that Peggy had brought in from home. With assistance, he did 4 sets of 20 revolutions each - that’s 80 revolutions, pushing most of the way through each turn with his left leg.
Another breathing trial of two hours in the afternoon was followed by a visit from son Mike before his return home to Seattle. Then came a quick bite of dinner—Thai, from the restaurant where the Philosophy Department had had its annual retreat luncheon-- followed by a two hour interview with Peggy Fletcher Stack and Leah Hogsten from the Tribune. Needless to say, Brooke was sound asleep before Peggy and I left to come home. I know that there are bad days and good days - this was a really good day.
During the years I worked as a Hospice nurse I was privileged to care for many in difficult situations. Brooke’s determination is simply awe inspiring and humbling.


Lorraine Seal said...

Thanks for the wonderful description of Brooke's day. It sounds like a good one indeed. Progress may be slow, but it's happening.

As the Zen master remarked to the woodsman when asked about becoming successful: "Keep chopping. . . ."


Robin said...

"Sometimes courage does not roar. Instead it is a quiet voice at the end of the day that says'Idid my best, and I will try again tomorrow.'"
Brooke and Peggy, you are amazing. Robin(Gale and Ann's daughter)

ed ranney said...

Hi Brooke, Peggy,

thanks for the great postings recently, the news of driving, writing, breathing is exceptional, all so moving and important, even the unreality crisis, which is terrifying, but basically the common condition of consciousness, as literature has told us for aeons. How to come out of it - the act of writing is as good a remedy as anything, particularly the names and heart. Bravo! Show, do more, it's just great, great!

Last night was the first night I smelled fall in the air here in Santa Fe - Melanie said this morning she felt it in the sound of the leaves, maybe drying out? Sadly no rain to speak of here recently. A week now since our youngest daughter's wedding (in a catholic church, very beautiful, good singing and music) and a grand baile out at Chaquaco, country and ranchero music, very wonderful reunions of 2 different families from all over, to be sure.

Anyway, thinking of you both, so great you keep those blogs coming, thanks so much, and, just keep on doing whatever it takes, Brooke,

much love from all

Brenda Cowley said...

Dear Brooke and Peggy,

THE WRITING!!!!!!! That is absolutely beYOND amazing!!!!!! Oh, I have so much to say, and so little time. First: Thank you for the phone call. I was unable to return your message, but have not forgotten you for one second.

I have knack for pretending -- so tomorrow,(Saturday)I'm going to pretend you're right there in the room with us. That way, you can do what you're supposed to do, which is climb mountains.

And then I'll sit with you and we'll have two incredible experiences to share with each other.

I love you, and thank you so much for finding a way to be so incredibly supportive in spite of how many mountains you are climbing daily.

We'll be together in separate places.

What a lovely Saturday we can experience "together."