Thursday, May 14, 2009


Somebody reminded me this morning: it's six months to the day since Brooke's accident. And then somebody this evening asked me, how's your husband? The short answer is: he's still in the hospital, still on a ventilator, still nearly totally paralyzed. But the long answer (and it is a much longer answer) is that he's still himself and still deeply happy to be alive.


Alan Hogenauer said...

Hang in there, Brooke and Peggy...still rooting for you from afar...your courage is awesome!


pr said...

I think of you both often and appreciate your sharing with me and others vis a vis this blog. It will feel good to have Brooke back on M street so I can wave as I go by on my scooter. I've noticed that your yard is blooming. I'll keep looking for you! smiles, pr